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Hosting – Domain Registration (.IE/ .Com / .Net / .Biz / .Org )

Transfers won’t affect the existing DNS records of the domain unless the losing registrar unilaterally disables DNS services before the transfer completes (that normally doesn’t happen!)
Once the transfer completes you can either continue using your current DNS provider or switch to us.
If you choose to switch to us you would need to create the DNS records in our system, as we have no way of “pulling” them from the current provider’s servers

EPP or a domain secret is a word or password used by registrars to help manage domain names. You will require an EPP key when you wish to move a .com/.net/.info/.biz or .eu domain to Magnet

Please be aware that different hosting providers may have different directory structures, so your website code may require some modification to work after the transfer.

  • Most databases can be easily transferred from your old hosting provider to us, but we will have to change the database details, including the database name, the usernames & the passwords. As such, modifications will have to be made to your website’s code.
  • The migration of website files and data from an existing hosting provider to Magnet is the sole responsibility of the client
  • We highly recommend an appropriate testing period after you have transferred a domain to us.
  • Be Aware that the transfer of domains can take some time to fully complete.
  • .ie domains typically transfer within 48 hours.
  • .com domains can take up to 7 days in some cases
  • can take a little as one day to transfer, but you should allow up to 7 days.
  • You cannot transfer com/net/org/info/biz domains until they are 60 days old.
  • Magnet cannot be held responsible for delays in transfers due to errors made by third parties

To transfer a domain, do the following:

  • Contact your current hosting company, requesting that they change the current Registrant’s Agent Tag (IPS Tag) to ours:Magnet-IE. Generally this will go through without any issue, however if it does not, due to inactivity or unwillingness on behalf of your current hosting provider, you can request that Nominet initiate the change for you.
  • Once the tag has been changed to us, you can update your nameservers via You will receive a confirmation email once the domain is transferred/completed.

The process for transferring a .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.mobi/.tv is entirely different.

In order to avoid any issues, please ensure that you initiate the transfer as far in advance as possible. Blacknight recommend transferring your domain at least a month prior to the renewal date.

You will first need to ensure that your domain’s listed details are correct, in particular the email address. You must have access to the domain’s admin contact email address to complete the transfer.

  • Contact your current provider. If you do not have access to the email address associated with the domain you wish to transfer, you will need to update this. You will then need to request that they unlock the domain for transfer and provide you with an “authorisation key” or “EPP code”.
  • Complete you order at
  • Please ensure that you check the email address for the domain daily (including your Junk Mail folder). Magnets registrar will send an email to this address to verify the transfer request; you must respond to this.
  • If you have any queries or concerns regarding the progress of your transfer, please do not hesitate to contact

If you are moving from an ISP such as Eircom, Vodafone, please ensure that any billing issues are resolved with the ISP before you request the transfer, as this can result in delays. The larger Irish ISPs and hosting companies will respect requests for domain transfers to other companies provided that no such issues exist.

In the case of domains registered through Joker, you will need to initiate the transfer process from within the Joker control panel.

Important note: Domains cannot be transferred between registrars until the domain is 60 days old.

The methods of transfer for .ie, .com and .uk domains do vary; please take a moment to look over the below instructions. We would recommend paying particular attention to the Domain Transfer Notes at the bottom of this page.

Firstly, it is important to be aware that the transfer of domains can take some time to fully complete. Blacknight cannot be held responsible for delays in transfers due to errors made by third parties.

  • .ie domains will typically transfer within two working days, so long as the appropriate documentationis provided.
  • .com domain transfers can take up to 7 days in some cases; please ensure that you have allowed for this when transferring a domain that is due for renewal. We urge you to initiate transfers as far in advance as possible; expired domains cannot be transferred.
  • domains will usually transfer within one day, however you should allow up to 7 days.
  • There are two types of .eu domain transfer. One is a simple transfer, while the other is a trade. Most .eu domain transfers complete within one or two working days

Please note that ‘transferring a domain’ means moving the billing of a domain ONLY.

This does not transfer your email accounts or website content, or automatically update the DNS.

When you transfer a domain to Magnet you **MUST** change the nameservers for your domain to servers you intend to use (ours or otherwise)

This can typically be accomplished in your billing dashboard ( // ) as per the transfer email:

Account or Home >> Registered Domains >> domainname >> Manage nameservers

The control panel display might show our nameservers until you specifically press the Manage Nameservers button

Login to your control panel at cp,
Then go to Account or Home >> Registered Domains > Domainname > Set/Unset Register Lock
This will also issue the EPP key for the domain name via email.
Please note that should your domain be listed as unlocked already, lock it again and then unlock to ensure the process is successful and the EPP code is issued.

You can change the nameservers under:
Account or Home >> Registered Domains >> domainname >> Manage Nameservers (note: not under Manage DNS)
NB Please ensure that your host has setup the dns correctly as incorrect dns will lead to delays. 
The new DNS servers need to be prepared in advance of any attempted update.

If you have provided the details required for the registration then it should be available within 2 working days (often sooner). Delays are commonly caused by: – incomplete applications – missing documentation – DNS issues (if hosted outside our network)

There are several reasons why the transfer of an IE domain maybe delayed. We would ask you to please check the list below Please ensure that you have:

Placed the order online, Made payment, Uploaded the signed transfer authorisation letter to your document manager and Ensured that the person who signed the authorisation is the listed admin contact

The best way to send us proof / documentation for IE registrations is by uploading it to your document manager, the link for which you would have received by email from
Alternatively you can email (ie. scan the document and send it to us as a jpeg attachment) or fax it to us, however bear in mind that passports and other documentation do not lend themselves to fax, as they appear completely black and are rendered illegible.

For any registrant changes with a .ie we would need a signed fax on the organisation’s letterhead outlining the update
For example, if XYZ Ltd had registered back in 2002 when Mr John Doe was their IT person Mr Doe might be listed as the Admin contact (admin-c) on the domain name.
Time moves on and Mr Doe has left the company (or maybe he’s been promoted ..) so Ms Jones is now in charge.
The domain is still registered to XYZ Ltd, but you need to get the domain contact updated. A signed fax on the company’s headed paper explaining the update should suffice.

The IE zone (IEDR) reload (refresh) the IE zonefile four every odd hour, ie.01:00,03:00,05:00,07:00,09:00,11:00,13:00,15:00,17:00,19:00,21:00,23:00 hrs. Any DNS changes to an IE domain where the nameservers are being changed will only happen after a full reload or refresh

While we will attempt to send your registration request to the IE domain registry immediately we cannot guarantee it.

Once the domain request has been submitted the domain status will change to “pending”.

If your domain’s DNS is not setup correctly the domain will be “stalled” until you rectify the situation.

An IE domain requires two valid nameservers for it to be registered.

If you are not using our nameservers we cannot be responsible for delays in domain registration.

ALL IE domain registrations will require documentation of some kind and the registration will not fully process until the documentation has been received and processed

NB: Domain orders will only be processed on receipt of payment

Please place your order with our online system and fax us the transfer authorisation on your headed paper (or equivalent).  Alternatively you can scan and email it to us.

The transfer authorisation should be worded as follows:

“I ADMINCONTACT authorise the modification of DOMAIN to Magnet with immediate effect Signed ADMINCONTACT”

NB Please ensure that the transfer request is signed.

If the original Admin-c for the domain name is no longer with the company or business you will need to ensure that the authorisation letter includes this information ie. person X is no longer an employee of company Y (or words to that effect)

Depends on what the domain name is to be used for. To help you select the appropriate categories and provide the correct documentation for your registration we have created a guide to the .ie Domain Registry Policies which can be found at the below URL’s:

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